Prepping for almost two weeks of vacation driving around the United States, visiting kitsch sites (largest ball of twine, to explain what that means).  In the middle of the trip we’ll spend four days and three nights hiking in Colorado and camping under the stars.  Should be a blast, and I’m looking forward to the disconnect in ways you wouldn’t believe.

As I’m pulling together stuff to write with while on the road – Chromebook, blank notebook and pens, that sort of stuff – I came across the business card holder and business cards my wife got me for Christmas.  I can’t tell you how important it is that the person you love most in life is supportive of your dream and shows you that support all the time.  I may not be published yet, but things like this remind me that I am a writer even if that never happens.

IMG_1249 IMG_1250 IMG_1251




Well, so the back is now off since I’ve renamed my main character to Mirabel.  But still… it’s the thoughts that count, and the love, and the generosity, and the long conversations, and the spending all our time together, and everything else that makes her such an awesome person.

Hit the road jack… but I’ll be back in two weeks, assuming I don’t post during the trip.




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