Jeff is a science fiction and fantasy writer from  Maryland whose work has appeared in Clarkesworld, Escape Pod, Daily Science Fiction, Apparition Literary Magazine, Andromeda Spaceways magazine, and GigaNotoSaurus.

Jeff works for Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, home of New Horizons, Parker Solar Probe, and the DART mission of revenge against those damned killer asteroids. He’s a graduate of Viable Paradise writers’ workshop, as well as the Stonecoast writers’ conference, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Simulation and Digital Entertainment from the University of Baltimore.

Jeff lives with his amazing wife and a dog named Cooper who did the voice over for Doug in the Pixar movie UP and who worships at the altar of Ball. All cats living in the household shall remain nameless, because calling on them opens a gateway to purr-gatory.

Social Media: I no longer frequent most of the big social media sites. They have proven to be a sickness for Democracies around the world, badly and ineffectively run by conservatives whose only goal is to chase the all mighty advertising dollar by allowing bad actors and con artists to twist the algorithm, and by turning the users into the product. They claim to be Internet’s “town square,” but fail to comprehend to do so requires moderating and policing racism, sexism, and other hate-filled speech and forms of bigotry so all feel free to participate without fear of reprisal or attack. I don’t need to have a dialogue with a dog whistling racist so we can determine if racism is bad. We’ve already had that conversation. The racists lost, but only after they caused endless suffering and uncountable deaths.

You can find me on the following social media sites and/or select discord channels such as SFWA’s discord server. I may add more social media sites as I try new ones to find out what works best for me and allows me to follow and engage with the people I’m interested in hearing from. So far, none are a perfect replacement for what we lost when Twitter and Facebook worked at their best, but since they never really worked right except for propagandists, we’re better off without them. Right now, I seem to prefer Mastodon to the others.



About Trollbreath: Trollbreath started as a creative endeavor wrapped around the design of DnD supplements, mostly character sheets and game modules. I wanted to replace some of the documents provided by the company for players to use.  Trollbreath became the fictional name of the character who was doing the design work, a depressed troll artist with severe halitosis.  Over the years it’s served as a place for my creative outlets, whether blogging, game design, or writing and I keep paying for the domain name out of sheer cussedness.


Reviews: Like anyone, I have opinions about the media I consume. I believe, though, that my reviews should never focus entirely on negatives. Even if I didn’t engage with something, I can always find aspects of it I enjoyed. Thus, I’ll never be a “great” reviewer because I’ll never be unduly mean about the work others have produced. It’s just not in my nature, though I’m happy to rant and froth about conservative politics and their absolute detriment to functional, happy societies of caring, empathetic citizens.

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