Thief. Officer. Private eye. Witch.

“No one is ever ready, Mira. Not really.”

Ready or not, Mirabel Sinclair has a case: find a magical goose that lays golden eggs. The great depression has been as hard on the Templeton Agency as it has the city of Baltimore, capital of the United Territories of Coventine. Now she has the chance to bring in some money. To lift up the agency’s name. To prove herself.

But when the hunt for a lost treasure turns deadly, she finds she’s powerless to save a life.

Now Mira’s on her own, grieving a death and trying not to botch her first job. The gnomes are making illegal weapons, the elves are stoking racist fears, and the assassins known as the Jacks are on the hunt. The search for the goose becomes a hunt for a murderer, and it’s all connected to a rise in tensions that could plunge Baltimore into open war. The killer threatens everything and everyone Mira holds dear; from the city she calls her home to the witch who holds her heart.

For them, she’ll do it for love.

For herself . . . she’ll do it for revenge.


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