This post features an image of my new typewriter.  Ain’t she spanking good?  I’ll spend Christmas break taking it apart and cleaning it up and look forward to using it when possible.

It’s never to early for New Year’s resolutions.  I generally try not to make too many, we should have goals of self-improvement year round and day to day, and too often we fail and end up being pissed at ourselves because of the failure.  But, I think I have some general goals I can meet pretty successfully and will help move me towards overall career and personal growth goals I’m trying to achieve.

  • Write 350,000 words in 2016.  That’s two or even three novels, plus a bunch of short stories.  It’s definitely doable, it ends up being less than 1,000 words per day on average, but gives me some padding for vacations and other things I might take during the year.
  • On a related note, finish at least 1 novel and 5 short stories.  Again, that should be doable given the word count I’m reaching for.
  • Use the typewriter.  I have it… I love it… I’m going to fix it up… so I better damn well use the thing.  And I will.  Maybe one day I can have a summer cabin where I go and type during the warm weather, leaving the editing and revisions for the computer.  In a way, this process does make some weird since to me as an analog man shoved in a digital world.
  • Travel someplace fun and exotic.  So, therefore… not Maine or Florida or California.  Maybe Hawaii, or the Caribbean, or perhaps (and most desired) Europe, specifically Germany.  Definitely a goal that can be achieved as long as we don’t go on any massive spending tears this year.  Do need to get the roof replaced and some windows as well, but if her old house sells (please, please, please sell!), that would go a huge way to allowing us to achieve all of those in the next year and still be able to have a fun trip.


Here we come, 2016, resolutions in hand.  Let’s make it an even better year than the last one.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy New Year to everyone.

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