Henceforth a leap year extra day will be called “Bonus Day.”  Now that the bonus day for 2016 is over and we’ve slid our way into March, with thoughts of spring growing nearer in our minds and hearts, I can close out the month of February and reflect on the writing I’ve done.

30,000 words were added to my efforts in February.  I completed two short stories, finished the fifty pages required for my novel writing class, and picked back up on the second “Mercy Sinclair” novel (though I’m considering renaming her before publication now that I’m aware of a similar sort of witch cop story with a character named Mercy… figures all the really cool names are already in use).  It was a bit of a slip from January, and I took a few days off from writing entirely in February, but I still averaged over 1,000 words a day for the month, well ahead of my expected daily amount for the entire year of 959 words per day.

On a totally unrelated note, we’ve had a few really nice days now, and got out for a five mile walk on Sunday, followed by a beer at a local brewery (and a big warm soft pretzel to go with it… I did still have to drive home).  Spring… yes indeed, we’re looking forward to it, and I’m trying to set some goals for exercise this year in terms of miles hiked this summer.  We were a  little lax last year and definitely want to get off the snide and get back into hiking form.

Hello March.  It’s good to see you again.  Now get out of the way for April quick as you can….

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