Yes, I watched it.  Yes, it was absolutely wonderful entertainment.  I feel like lately we are in this Mecca of Marvel Madness where every movie that comes out is good.  But some are bigger (Avengers), some are smaller (Ant-man), some are focused on villains who want to take over the world (Iron Man), and some are more nuanced and focused on a broader picture of “the evil that all men do” (Captain America).  And where the second Avengers movie sort of fell flat with its villain du jour, Captain America: Civil War gave us the perfect anecdote and tonic to that flamboyance.  The story is more about political threats and the innocent victims of fights between massive powers (one of the criticisms I saw leveled at earlier Marvel films, so kudos for them for taking on the topic), but we get some seriously excellent fight scenes as a result of the choices made, even without that uber powerful baddie to fight with at the end.  Go and see it, you won’t regret it.  Lots of little easter eggs, lots of homage to Marvel’s history, and building this story up over several previous movies make the total arc believable and understandable.  Great growth we get to see in these characters because of doing it this way.

Oh yeah… Ant-man and Spider-man absolute turn a great film into a massive mega hit.  Good additions, both of them.  Both inject comic levity into what can sometimes be a very heavy story.

I’ve finished Spring semester.  Turned in my last project this morning and replied to final comments on threads.  Pretty positive I pulled a B in the class, but still have my fingers crossed I’ll squeak out an A (but not counting on it at all).  I’ve decided not to take a course this summer and just enjoy what free time I have and get back into the school spirit next fall.

And yesterday we finally got the other house under contract and have our fingers crossed it’ll close at the end of June.  It’ll be nice to get through the rest of the year without the weight of that on our shoulders, pay down some of our debt much faster and so forth.  It makes the possibility of quitting my job and trying something new (or at least finding a lower paying job closer to home) more palatable in about a year or two.

Nice weather has arrived.  Finally.  No civil war at home, just good times with good people.  Life is good indeed.

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