The halfway point of the year (unofficial) has come and gone.  We are into the second six months.  As always, it’s time for me to check in with how I’m doing.

June was… spectacular.  I wrote 43,568 words, including a little over 34,000 words on the comic fantasy novel.  The average was 1450 plus words a day with quite a few days at or near the 2,000 word mark.  There were only two days off in the month, and one sub-par day of 600 words, the rest met or well exceeded goals. I’m really pleased with the totals and how things are moving along with the new novel.  I don’t expect another month like this in the near future, or perhaps for the rest of the year, but I’m really pleased I had such a productive month.

I found the best days were the days I had all morning to write.  Those days made getting to 2,000 words much easier since I could take breaks, think over things, pace myself (pace the floor when I was stuck).  Being a full time writer would damn sure make it easier to stick to these goals than doing it part time, but I’ll have to soldier on doing it the way I have been for a while longer.

Overall I have 213,500 plus words at the end of June written this year.  I’m almost 39,000 words over my set goal for this point in the year and have banked 40 “free” days to use.  Assuming I stay on pace I could effectively take all of December off to work on edits of finished works, which I might consider doing.  But we’ll see once I get to that point.

Of course with all the good comes a small bad.  The Wolf and the Woodsman was rejected… again.  That makes eight rejections so far, which leads the pack.  But, I’ll tweak it once more and repackage it again for another submission cycle.  I am not my story… this is just the business of writing.

June is gone, July is here.  Two weeks vacation comes in August and we’ll be driving out to Colorado to see friends and do some hiking and camping.  I’ll take my notebook with me and it should be a fun – and productive – trip.

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