It’s been pretty crazy in the “real world” since January 20th.  We’ll ignore what happened on that date, because the majority of us would rather forget, but the 21st was hugely exciting. We attended the Women’s March in DC that day, and spent all day surrounded by 500,000 new friends peacefully protesting what we see as a new President whose interests are not aligned with what we feel our American ideals.  It was the first time since the election we didn’t feel depressed, and we came away energized and ready to fight for what we feel our the progressive ideals our country was founded on.

The politics have kept us busy.  I’d much rather be hiding out, letting someone else take the lead on fighting this, but we need every voice now.  We need to be donating to progressive groups that will fight for us, like the ACLU.  We need to call and write our Congress people and Senators to oppose what we see as a backwards agenda that does not keep us safe, but leads us more steadily down a dark path that can only end badly for the world.  We need to join and get involved with groups like Our Revolution to rebuild the grassroots progressive foundation of our political system, which has been coopted by right-wing special interests.  I’ve done all that, and will continue to do more as it occurs to us and opportunities present themselves.

Life can get pretty busy with that and work and kids, though.  So the writing time has suffered.  I’ve rededicated myself to finding time to write every day in the month of February and finish the first of this year’s new short stories.  I’m still waiting for a reply from the editor on the first three chapters of Summer, but I also took the liberty this morning of submitting it to one agent just to see if I get any sort of nibble.  I’m really dying for feedback on the whole novel so I can decide if I need to make changes, and its been hard to wait for folks to find time to read it.

February is here.  March not far away.  Spring will come soon enough I hope, and we’ll all be rejuvenated.

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