We ALMOST got out of winter without any major snowfall. After last year’s record three foot blizzard and the two days it took for us to dig out of that, plus several other small storms, I was very pleased that (until last night) we had gotten nothing but a few traces of snow here and there. Now Winter Storm Stella (I hear Marlo Brando calling every time I say that stupid name) is chugging past us and leaving us with a huge pile of sky dandruff to clean up.

Oh, it could have been worse. The panic yesterday was palpable, with people predicting the END OF CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT! We were expected to get a foot to two feet of the stuff. Now it looks more like three or four inches in most of Maryland, and closer to seven or eight out in the mountains where I am. Hardly cause for worry, or even bothering with the shovels. But I’ll get out there soon enough and start plowing a path to the end of the driveway, then lay down some salt.

It has given me a chance to write. Roughly 2,000 words this morning, which is a nice way to spend a winter day. I’ve got some laundry going as well, and Sunday afternoon we brought in all the remaining wood from the wood pile so we can build a toasty fire later if we like. This is definitely the life, exactly how I would love to spend all my days, every day. Wake up, write, waste time on the internet, do a few chores, write some more. The only sucky thing about snow days is having to go back to a regular job the next day. But I’ll cross my fingers for another inch or two overnight so maybe I can skim off another snow day for the heck of it.

Brando "Stella!"

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