I love those moments when the smell of the air, the warmth of the room, the way the sunlight is dappling the walls, the feel of crisp sheets against my skin, and the music that’s playing in the background come together to give you a profound sense of “elsewhen”, as though you are transported to a moment long ago from your youth that you remember so well. And you pause for a moment and you remember, and the clocks stop for one single tick to let you linger in what is not a memory, but a sensation that is so much deeper.

I’ve been under the weather today, enough so I stayed home. I’ve been in bed most of the afternoon. I tried to nap for a bit, but that didn’t take. So I made lunch and watched a movie on my Chromebook.

Movie over, I turned to Pandora to hear some old music. I had listened to The Cars this morning while I was still at my desk, so I pulled up the 80’s station I like. But, the tunes it picked didn’t appeal to me, so I switched to my Sarah McLachlan station. And there was Tori Amos, my old friend, singing Past the Mission. And I was transported, for that tiny instant of an eternity, to the early 1990’s. I remembered being in my middle twenties, and I remember listening to the same song many times, and being younger, and being… just being.

Those are beautiful moments. A little meloncholy perhaps as I remember what it felt like to be twenty plus years younger than we are now. But still beautiful remembrances that are more than simple memories, that transcend deja vu.

Sometimes it’s good to just be, and let things come to you. My profound thoughts for the day as I lay in bed and rest….

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