Totally not the type of writing I should be doing (I did that, too, though), but the whole Bannon/Trump fight is amusing the fuck out of me. Especially since it’s clear Trump has condemned the book as “fake” while still believing everything it says Bannon says and is trashing him mercilessly on Twitter. And Bannon can’t respond because of the confidentiality agreement he signed.

Anyways, here goes:


Bannon, Bannon, burning bright,
In the ranks of the alt-right;
What Presidential hand or eye,
Can stifle thy fearful bloviatry?

In what distant shit-lord sky,
Burnt the fires of thine eyes?
On what wings of racist fires,
Did you let your dreams aspire?

Sallow skin and punch-drunk face,
Makes you look like you’ve been maced.
Now your heart is beating out,
When your punched right in the mouth.

Where’s your hammer? Where’s his chain?
Where’s your Presidential nick name?
The pen your anvil, the word your grasp,
But it slips from your fat ass.

Now the power you once led,
Goes to Orange dead-squirrel head.
Once he smiled at your words vile,
Now he mocks you Twitter style.

Bannon, Bannon, burning bright,
In the ranks of the alt-right.
Now you’ve lost the power you had,
And liberals look at you and laugh.

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