August has been a truly wonderful month. While I didn’t come close to making any of my writing goals, so much good happened that none of that matters. First and foremost was attending Worldcon, then spending another five days wandering around Ireland. It was a beautiful, brilliant vacation and I want more of it. More of traveling to foreign lands; more of visiting that gem of an island. My next post will be all about the vacation portion of the trip, but for now. . . on to the report!

Writing Conferences/Workshops/Classes/Professional Activities:

See my post about Dublin Worldcon HERE. That was the only professional activity I took part in, but it was certainly one hell of an important one.


Nothing finished this month.


Added roughly 14,000 words to the WIP novel this month. I did far less writing during the trip to Ireland than I had hoped (literally none), so fell far short of my goal. Didn’t feel bad about it, either. I did, however, find some world building inspiration on that trip that has made writing the 2nd protagonist POV stronger. I should be in a great place to make solid progress on this work all fall.


10 short stories outstanding as of September 1st. Longest lead time is 154 days. 1 short story remains shortlisted for potential publication at just below pro-rates.


4 submissions made this month. No new shorts, coupled with traveling and not as many rejections this month, meant fewer responses after rejections.


6 rejections received in August. Would have been more, but I also got . . .


. . . 2 sales! I sold TWO stories this month and both contracts have been executed. I can’t announce either yet, but will do so as soon as I have the go ahead.

Both sales were at pro-rate or higher (prior to today, when the SFWA increases the rate for pro-sale consideration). The second one was an approved SFWA market, and I’m now also an official associate member of SFWA!

Goals for July:

Continue WIP. Add 25,000 words. Relish my two short story sales and my membership to SFWA. Feels like it’s been a long road getting here, but progress continues. Never give up, never surrender!

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