We went grocery shopping this morning. I realized we were low on dishwasher detergent last night, so we figured we might as well pick up a few other things, too. And it was about what we expected. Lots of common goods wiped out by hoarders. No milk, no eggs, very limited selection of toilet paper, no bread. It was a surreal and yet fun experience. I ended dancing a lot while I was there, which admittedly is a weird reaction to a pandemic, but that seems to be how I roll.

So, in honor of dancing while humanity panic buys Charmin, here’s a list of apocalyptic songs to get you through your day. Welcome to Apocalypse Playlist! Dance, dance my little monkeys!

First up, you  have to start with this one. It’s mandatory. There are rules, folks.

And to keep things upbeat, well of course we have to play REM. It IS the end of the world, after all.

Bringing it down just a little, with a different kind of apocalypse now. It’s Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London.

From human sized monsters, we leap in size with the Blue Oyster Cult and Go Go Godzilla.

Jumping back to the 80’s, you’ll definitely be walking with a dead man during the apocalypse.

When everyone else is dead, you’ll have no chance but to dance with yourself. This song is awesome, a cover by my current favorite punk grrrl group of one of my favorite Billy Idol tunes.

And the fun continues, but I’ve started boring myself, so… just enjoy the list!















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