This is the letter I sent to my representatives in the Senate and Congress this week. This is only the first of many. I plan to keep emailing them until they wake up and do something instead of fundraising off this vile attack on women’s rights. We hired them to take action, not sit on their thumbs and spin.

Email or call you reps. You can look them up here: Common Cause

I am beyond disappointed at the Democratic response to the challenges facing our nation these past years. Your party has not lived up to a single promise that was made. Student loans remain a hammer over the head of recent graduates despite Biden promising to end them; healthcare remains a mess in this country; the post office is a shambles; covid still rages but the federal government has given up on mitigating it; and the perpetrators of January 6th coup attempt are still walking free and running for offices across this nation. And some are winning primaries!

Now, women are losing a fundamental right to healthcare services because conservatives on the court would rather base a decision on the legal opinions of a man who 300 years ago decided that women are the property of their fathers and husbands, marital rape is a right of a male, and women should be physically punished for daring to even challenge the men in their lives; not to mention he murdered women for being “witches.” This is the legal scholar Judge Alito has cited in his draft opinion, and NONE OF YOU are going on the news and raging about it. This should be being blasted by every Democratic party member constantly, over and over and over again. Loudly. Angrily. It should be denounced with all force. You should be on the steps of the Supreme Court every day denouncing this in impassioned speeches.

Instead, what do we get? Crickets. Tepid urges for us to vote. Requests for donations! You’re FUND RAISING off women LOSING THEIR RIGHTS.

Why? Why are you not on the news every second right now exhorting the American public to take to the streets and demand an end to this undemocratic, uninformed, vile attack on women’s rights? I can only believe it is because your party has decided it will help you in the midterms. Rather than doing ANYTHING useful for America NOW, you demand we vote. Again. As if we didn’t ALREADY DO THAT when we gave you control of all three branches! Despite all the barriers that faced us, the gerrymandering, the death threats, the voter suppression, we handed you control! And yes, I know it’s hard with such a slim senate majority. Yet you’ve done nothing to push Manchin on his failure to help the public, either. It’s high time you kicked him to the curb and made him pay for allowing conservative states to strip women of their rights. Let him jump to the GOP if he likes and show his true colors to America. He’s one in all but name anyway. I don’t really care. But you are playing games, and you are LOSING this country to extremists by doing so. And we are sick and tired of it.

I have spent my life voting for Democrats, despite knowing you are a flawed party, too broad and too weak to get anything done. Controlled by conservatives, not moderates and progressives. Because it’s better than the fascist alternative we face, the Christian Taliban demanding we put their bigoted beliefs and hate above all others. While the rest of the world has been busy securing abortion as a fundamental right of women – Ireland of all places! Israel! – we are sliding backward. And it will NOT stop there. They WILL go after LGBTQ+ rights, and interracial marriage, and public schools, and books, and all the other things that make us a strong, diverse society that they despise. They are winning while you seemingly do… nothing. You want the courts to handle it, but the courts are now lost to us for at least a generation, and likely longer. It may be forever if you don’t act now.

Stop sitting on your thumbs! Take to the streets yourself. Get off your rich asses and DO SOMETHING. For Christ’s sake, this is an attack on a fundamental right of women and you folks seem content to demand we vote so you don’t have to do the work. Right now, more states are lining up abortion bans. Others are banning IUD’s and birth control. Texas is planning on limiting who gets public education. Everything progressives fought for and accomplished since the 1950’s is on the chopping block, and this Supreme Court has shown they are happy to toss it out the window for their religious viewpoints.

We voted. You were hired. GO DO THE WORK! Not behind closed doors where no one can see you, either. Out in public, in view of everyone. Take to the news stations, the radio stations, the papers. Take to the streets! Until you start acting like this is the assault on our society it is, the Democratic party will get no more money from me. When we put you in charge, we expect results. No results? No money. Take those damned suits and ties off and go lead the resistance! 70% of Americans want Roe v. Wade left in place! You have the high ground, go use it! You wanted to get into public service, well this is what it means. Not sitting in Washington shaking hands with donors, but leading the people.

Get out in the streets. Right now. Get out there and show America you care. Don’t sit in your air-conditioned office in your nice suit all comfy. Get out there and organize the resistance. Or get voted out because we won’t vote for you folks again because you refuse to do anything to help. You are in danger of losing us entirely because, as much as we despise the christo-fascists, you are not an alternative. You, instead, think “we’re not them” is enough. Democratic voters are being turned off, they are not going to vote “harder” this fall. Democracy will fall because your party did nothing but beg for money.

We expect results, not platitudes. You have given us zero results for decades. Not being the GOP is no longer good enough.


A man who has protested and fought and bled my whole life to improve this country and is sick of watching you wastes of breath DO NOTHING. I am angry and tired and this needs to stop NOW. Stop playing nice with these bastards! They abandoned the rule of law and any ethics about good governance, you no longer have to pretend to hold to it, too.


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