The year comes to a conclusion. 2022 has been a decent one for me, and for the country. But for many, such as the people of Ukraine, winter will be long and hard as they continue to fight to retain their country from Putin’s invasion. Keep them in your hearts as you celebrate during this time of festivity.

In reviewing my year of writing, I have to admit it’s been solid. I had 6 stories accepted for publication this year (twice as many as any previous year), though many of the stories accepted won’t see print until 2023, or in one case 2024. But I’m pleased with the way things are going and look forward to a productive new year.

I hope all of you have wonderful holidays, whichever you celebrate. May your 2022 end with love and good cheer, and may your 2023 be a year that treats you and the world gently and with the profound respect recent years have been lacking.

We’re off to New England to look at homes! Weeeeeeee…. (fingers crossed we don’t run into poor weather on the trip).

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