Third Flatiron has just released it’s latest anthology, Rhapsody of the Spheres, and it includes my homage to the magic of jazz music, One Last Night at Benny’s Magic Fantastic Cabaret.  The print copy is available for immediate purchase, and you can preorder the ebook, which should be available shortly.

2 thoughts on “One Last Night at Benny’s Magic Fantastic Cabaret (Third Flatiron Rhapsody of the Spheres Anthology)”

    1. Thanks Andrew! Had to get through a long period of stress related to selling a house and moving to a different state, which has made the past year really rough. Finally things calmed down enough I could begin focusing on my writing work again, and the new SFF Magazine Subscription page taking off like it has really helped. There’s still stressors, but I’ve gotten reacquainted with writing and blogging as calming parts of my daily rhythm, so hopefully there won’t be such long breaks again.

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