Another story I wasn’t sure when it would be published, but it’s finally hit the news stands and the issue can be purchased. This is my humorous homage to the 1975 Icelandic Women’s Day Off protest, which led to so much positive change in that nation. Here, it’s one man, his mule, and a VERY bad day when the women of the fantasy kingdom of Aspyea do the same.

By dawn, we’d begun to realize it were a stryke. Morning meals weren’t cooked, cows weren’t milked, children were left under the care of their da’s, many of whom were ill-prepared to wash, dress, or feed their offspring, let alone interact with them. Those with older kids put them to work, but as often ended up redoing the work anyways. You can’t trust the hammering of a nail to a six-year-old, they ain’t got no sense of respect for the work.

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Sci-Fi Lampoon Cover, Summer 2023


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