I’ve done reviews here before, and I’ve even heard back from authors who were pleased with what I wrote. It’s a great feeling to know your work has been well received and even admired.

It’s even better when it’s you who are on the receiving end.

A.C. Wise is an accomplished novelist who also does short story reviews for Locus magazine. In the March issue of Locus, she reviewed the Nov/Dec issue of Analog, which contained my story, The Eiffel Tower of Trappist-1d. I was overjoyed by her response to the story. It hit all the notes with her I’d hoped it would for readers, and her write up (and listing it as one of the three recommended stories of the issue) left me feeling buoyant. All the more so because it was a review from a well-respected writer and peer.

Remember to praise authors when you read something you love, folks. Your positive words are what keeps us going. Even a simple mention on social media can turn around the course of a day, making gloomy skies… well, still gloomy, but at least we can view them with a lot more joy in our hearts. A lot more hope, which is exactly what I wanted the story to accomplish.

What goes around comes around.

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