The new Phone Book is here!

(with apologies to Steve Martin)

Trollbreath Magazine is now taking submissions! It’s been a busy few months as we readied/tested the site, developed our plans, and we’re excited today has finally arrived. There’s still many months to go before our first issue drops, but we wanted to make sure we had enough time to iron out any kinks in the process beforehand.

Better still, we’re taking submissions for TWO issues. We wanted to make sure we had a buffer between an open submission period and the quarterly issue it’s done in support of. Coming off a submission period in (for example) June and having essentially a short two months to get contracts signed, edits done, and the issue laid out for delivery and prepped for the web felt tough for a two-person team. Now a (for example) June submission period supports a December issue, which is almost six months of prep time.

I honestly couldn’t do this without Jennifer. She’s making it all run smoothly, especially when I’m too busy with my day job. Indeed, she’s carrying the load of laying out the issues for PDF and eBook formats, which is a huge burden off my shoulders and let’s me focus on website maintenance and operations. If it were a one-man show, there wouldn’t be a show. I’m glad she’s as excited as I am to launch this venture and see what comes of it.

Welcome to Trollbreath Magazine! And if you’re interested in submitting, just following the link below:

Trollbreath Submission Info

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