11/23/2023 Update: I added my name in the title, because I forgot not everyone who drops in here actually knows me and well… kind of important info if they would want to nominate one of my work. Thanks for pointing that out, Elyse Grasso!

It has been a strange and wonderful year. We went from living in Maryland, with its heat and traffic, to living in downeast Maine with its fog and isolation (an improvement, to be clear). Along the way we lost one of our best friends, Cooper, our beloved golden retriever, whose ashes I spread in Maryland at the home he knew best, with a view of the mountains we loved.

I’ve sold precious few stories this year (only two) and yet I’ve had quite a few stories reach publication (six in all). One more unpublished sale remains outstanding, but that one won’t come until sometime next year. I also have what I think is a solid contender for one of those “related” or “nonfiction” categories.

So, without further ado….

2023 Story Publications

The Gollywhopper Egg – (short story) Andromeda Spaceways, June, 2023

One Last Night at Benny’s Magic Fantastic Cabaret – (short story) Third Flatiron’s Rhapsody of the Spheres anthology, August, 2023.

Inspector Willoughby and the Sneak Thief – (short story) Mystery Magazine, September, 2023

A Long Fryday(short story) Sci-Fi Lampoon, September, 2023

A Small God – (short story/flash) Lightspeed Magazine, October, 2023

The Eiffel Tower of Trappist-1d – (novelette) Analog Magazine, November, 2023 (podcast version now available: podcast on PlayerFM and Podomatic)

Best Related/Non-fiction/Fan Work

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